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A Quote A Day

100 Million Books, is a beautiful tool for a few daily thoughts. This simplistic Browser Extensions only task is to provide you with a quote from a famous author…

Emojis in Emails

A very simple email hack. If you ever asked yourself how to add Smileys or Emojis in Emails – there is a shortcut. How to do Emojis in…

Paper Print Calendar

The Team of RePrint offered great calendars to print on paper. Free downlaod link here. I decided to go back to paper calendars a while ago.

How To Make The Most Of Google Search - A Cheat Sheet

How To Make The Most Of Google Search – A Cheat Sheet

Searching for specific terms on Google you still might get million or thousands of results. Just a few heavy users know the rather advanced operators to get the most out of Googles search engine. Supple provided us with a brilliant cheat sheet.

The Price of Design

Found in the web – and as with all jokes there is that hint of bitter truth. By experience we all know most of the work with every project is not the work, the briefing, not finding the idea, but the communication

Cookie Alarm

Cookies on Pages help you and they track you. That is the time we live in one gives up on one’s privacy for some convenience. If I visit my favorite Webshops I do not want to get offered products I either already bought or I have no interest in. That is what cookies is for as well.