Let’s talk what you really need, so you can invest in your future not business cards!
Your Webpage, Business card, Flyer, Newsletter or Social Media, everything you need, but nothing else!
Email Accounts & automatic reply, Newsletter, Websites, Signatures etc. I show you how it works..
So you just started your very own business? Your dream comes true and you followed your passion, you are a freelancer, artist or just need some push for your self-promotion. After the Start-Up high comes the reality down. Nothing is for free, everything has a price label. While many try either to do everything on their own to save money, many others fall into „the trap“ of professional Webdesigner, Designer or Consultants. Very quickly a few thousand euros (pounds) are spend before you haven’t earned a penny. What I do for you? Let’s talk what you really need for a start. Probably it’s enough to have a Mini-Webpage and 50 Business Cards, by the way do you really need a web page? Very often we can get more in the beginning with one of the Market Web platforms or Social Media pages.