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Micro Agency
Let’s find out what you need, so you invest in your future not in businesscards!
your Website, Businesscard, Flyer, Newsletter or Social Media, all you need, not more!
Email Accounts & Auto Replies, Newsletter, Websites, Signatures etc. I show you the How to!

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Imagine you are buying cosmetics. If you have money to spare, you might just walk into the nearest drugstore and buy whatever looks good, smells good or has an appealing promise on the packet. Whether you need it or not.

On the other hand, if you are running on a tight budget, if you are not sure which product is right for you, or, if you know exactly what you want but can’t afford it, than you need individual consultation and advice. You might choose a small package, just one product, you start with a solution tailored to your needs and budget.

That is how I work for you. Let’s talk about what you really need and how much you can/want to spend. Than I will find and design the best solution for your business and budget.  It is important for me that you fulfill your dreams. Without going broke.

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You might have heard that before, it is custom work, so you can’t really put a price on it. I’ll give it a try anyway, so here we go:

First Meeting: € 40.00 Let’s meet each other and see if we like to work with each other, if via Skype or in real life, in this first meeting we also find out what are your needs and if i am the right person to do the job, i am giving you some hints and ideas for your business or problem as well

Training: € 40.00 per hour I do Trainings for you or your Office or Company as well, like Photoshop, Lightroom, WordPress, Office and Google Docs, Email clients, Computer or Productivity, just ask me for a quote. My hourly rate applies to jobs that require a minimum of two hours

Newsletter: € 40.00  If account and Templates are already set up, and you send me all the content i do the Newsletter for you. You can book a monthly one from me for at least 3 month and pay € 30.00

Webpages: starts at € 350.00 don’t worry about having to spend a ton of money on it, most pages go online on a price between 350.00 and 500.00.  I always find a solution you can afford. I might even find a free page for you and you get your whole internet presence for under €100.00

Coding your Own: starts at € 350.00 Coding your custom email template is a bit more complex. The exact price of your custom email template depends mostly on the number of different content sections that your template needs and whether you want it to be responsive for mobile devices or not. Testing the template and a brief instruction on actually using it are included. Before you get scared about money – see above.

Social Media: max. € 75.00 Setting up Etsy, Paypal, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Accounts and pages

Graphic design: € 175.00 The graphic design of your custom email template is the „easy“ part, meaning it doesn’t require extensive testing and editing and so on (which takes up some 70-80% of the time of coding a custom email template). Therefore, I can offer you a flat fee for this. One round of revisions is included. For every additional round, add € 50.00

Consultation and advice: € 39.00 per hour Your custom email or web template will always be a result of what kind of message you want to send, who are your target group and / or which products you want to sell. Therefore, we need to discuss your specific web layout or email campaign goals.

As long as this stays within acceptable boundaries, little tweaks and tips are included in the price of designing and / or coding your custom web or email template.

Skype: If you want or feel you need to review your complete strategy with me, we can have a classic Skype sit down and make sure your strategy aligns with your goals. In that case I charge by the hour. You can find my hourly rate right below.

Hourly rate: € 50.00 I always like to let you know before how much your project is about to cost. BUt sometimes you might want to book me for smaller things or ongoing projects and prefer to book me hourly. My hourly rate applies to jobs that require a minimum of two hours and it covers:

– configuring MailChimp accounts – setting up email lists and (un)subscription forms – setting up RSS Campaigns and Autoresponders – consultation on list management, segmentation and overall email marketing strategy – MailChimp instruction – et cetera

If you have any other needs, just let me know. I’m pretty sure we can work something out.

Quick Fix: € 75.00 This is for the relatively small jobs. Sometimes all you need to get things started is a push in the right direction. If that sounds like your situation, the Quick Fix is what you’re looking for: this buys you anything up to one hour of my time for any type of MailChimp / WordPress / Layout support. If it turns out you need more than one hour, my hourly rate (see above) kicks in. Easy peasy!

You get me best via email through the contact form below or js [at] kilikoi.de. if you don’t like email and feel better calling via mobile or skype feel free to do so. Get me at 00 49 176 386 616103 or js.kilikoi. i might not answer he phone immediately, because i might do business for you just than.

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