Let it be love or Relationship-Marketing

It was never enough to be talented or have a great product. To be successful nowadays, you have to do more than wait in order that someone might discover you. 

96c3fd19-f5a8-4cc5-8fdd-1b30e6860653We are all great, some are just better at  showing off and connecting. Because that is what it is: connecting, networking and socialising is not that much different from how it was 100 years ago.

A Relationship doesn’t mean pandering to the other person’s desires, but creating real value for someone.

That could be:

  • An Illustrator is looking to connect with agencies and galleries
  • A music school building a network of teachers and students to generate referrals
  • A store would like to find more customers which visit more often the store.

If you recognise yourself  here then you have to take matters into your own hands. With the Web and social media, it has become easier, but also more competitive.

By the way, Relationships and how they work have not fundamentally changed since you started swapping sweets in primary school.



Identify the people you want to connect to and their needs.




Define the value or benefit you might have to offer to them.




Find the place to connect with them and create an honest exchange – because that is what relationship means.



Ps.: Speaking of honest, that applies to both participants. if the other side has not taken honesty very seriously there is no need to cling to that relationship.

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