How to – Configuration Contact Form 7 WP Plugin after Update

After the Update of Wp Plugin Contact Form 7 to version 4.4 many users got the following notification: „Configuration Errors are found“. Here a short tutorial how to solve the issue.

You probably got this notification after updating:
contactform-7-wordpress Fehlermeldung


Following the link to validate your contact form showed probably this picture:

All Screenshots are in german, but it is easy to see which fields are meant, so I am sure you are going to figure out where to put which text. If not write me an email or leave a comment below.

contactform-7-wordpress Fehlermeldung


… And those are the two fields generating the troubling notification, the from and the subject field:

contactform-7-wordpress Fehlermeldung


The help site from Contact Form 7 helped none of my clients, but lead to even more confusion, many just uninstalled Contact Form 7 unnecessarily. So, I thought my tips for them might help you as well:

In the from  field put the shortcode [your-name] followed by <your email> this email address has now to be  an email address based on your domain. in my example it’s If you don’t have such an address, you can easily get one from your host.
The Subject can be left empty, I usually put in some information like „via contact form“ etc. Sio if the sender forgets to put something in I know where the email comes from.

To be able to answer on the email sent via this form you have to put in some additional information in the Additional Header field:

Reply-To: [your-name] < [your-email]>

Then it should look like this (of course replace my email address with yours):


contactform-7-wordpress Fehlermeldung

Now it should work just fine.

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