Web Page for Café Savigny

How many times you get the possibility to work for your favorite Café? I just finished the web page for Cafe Savigny.

The brief: A Web page as classic and timeless as the Café Savigny itself and easy to update. As for every business, it was very important that the address and contact details are easily accessible. Of course, the web page should be mobile optimized, responsive and multilingual (EN/DE).

The page is a piece of work to be proud of personally. Besides from being user-friendly it shows the very character of the Café Savigny.


Another brief was to show the menu. But then no one will have the time to update the menu on a daily basis. So the simple solution was to embed an Instagram feed. That way one get’s an impression of the delicious food without the cafe having to update every day the web page.


Visit Café Savigny also on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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