Webpage for Actor Alexander Hauff

The new web page for actor Alexander Hauff is online. Sometimes everything falls into place and right now it seems to be such a time, lot’s of great web pages for amazing projects.

Off course, the page is mobile optimized, fully responsive and search engine optimized. It is also a multilingual page (at the moment EN/DE).

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 20.48.27

Please check the mobile optimized gallery with the responsive lightbox.

Filmography and Audio are published as responsive tables which can be updated in just a few clicks. The video showreel is embedded from Schauspielervideos.de, that creates a dynamic link (self-updating).

By the way, quite a few of the photographs from Alexander Hauff  are made by me (www.jordanaschramm.com), the photographs on the startpage are by the exzellent photographer Urban Ruths.

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